What are the strong points of this software?

We give people what they want: a simple tool that creates a row(s) and/or column(s) of impressive animated Flash buttons fast and easily. No programming, no difficult procedures, no special skills required. Flashation provides in a need. Besides this, we also make it possible to update the content (URLs, labels, colors, etc.) of the files by simply opening the generated Flash menu files again in Flashation.



  How can I overlap the buttons like the menu bar on the Flashation website?
  At the "Appearance" screen you will see a "Vspace" and "Hspace" option. If you enter a negative value into these input fields, the buttons will overlap each other. Together with the "enable/disable" option, which is in the "Function" screen you can create really unique interfaces. To see a sample click here or check out the tabs.
  Am I limited to the dimensions in Flashation or can I change the sizes?

The buttons are 20 x 110 pixels on average. That means that a row of 5 buttons will be 550 pixels wide, but you can alter the size easily in your HTML page.

  Do my visitors have to download the Flash plugin?
  All Flashation Flash Buttons and Menus are Flash 4 compatible. The Flash 4 plugin, or higher, is already installed on more then 99% of all computers worldwide. Because our buttons are compatible with Flash 4, 5 and the Flash 6 plug-in, it's unlikely that any of your website visitors will be prompted to download the Flash plug-in.
  Can I add a background picture underneath the SWF in HTML?
  Yes, a background picture is possible. To do this, just add the following line of code to the object section of your HTML code:
<param name=wmode value=transparent>
in the embed section of your HTML code you must add:
  Can I use the buttons in Flash?
  Yes, you can enter a GotoandStop + Frame Name action in Flashation Flash Web Menu Builder. In Flash you use the loadmovie action to import the effect. It's recommended that you use a targetmc instead of a level to help you position the Flash menu in your Flash application. For more detailed info please download the Flash tutorial.
  How many buttons can I create?
  You can create complete navigation web menus or site maps with up to 250 buttons!
  How many buttons are included in the application?
  The first release had around 50 buttons, the current one has about 110
  Can I use this program in all HTML editors?
  Yes, you can, and if somehow your HTML editor does not support SWF files, you can use Flashation's "publish for web" option, which creates the required HTML code for you.
  If you encounter any Run-time error during installation please read on....

It's likely that you miss some of the common VB files on your computer. To resolve this download the 2.8MB version from our download page instead.

  Are there any license restrictions?
  Yes. You may not make or distribute copies of the software, or transfer it from one computer to another or over a network. You may not rent, lease or sublicense Flashation Flash Web Menu builder, nor may you modify it or create derivative works based upon the software. We have special arrangements for developers who want to distribute/resell the effects as part of their existing HTML/FP/Dreamweaver templates or any other package they have in mind.
  I have created a menu of buttons, put them in my website and they don't work?

This happens when you have not completed the registration process. You can check this by going to help|about menu builder. You should see your name and the key that we have sent to you. If not, you can complete the registration by going to software|register. Please enter here the registration details as sent to you after you purchased the program.

Alternatively, it might be that you have updated the application from an older version, likely version 1.2 or earlier. When you launch the application it will loads also the older FMB setting files. This old FMB file is slightly different from the latest version. To resolve this please click twice on file/new and start building your buttons from scratch.

It's very common for people to enter the wrong URL. In particular the extension please double check whether your "HTML" pages got an .htm or .htmll extension. In general we all speak about "HTML" however many html editors do generate/save the "HTML" files with an .htm extension instead.

Finally, the demo version does not allow you to enter any hyperlinks. To get the fully functional application you must purchase it.

  (MenuBldr.dll) "Unable to register the DLL/OCX: LoadLibrary > >failed; code 87"
  This error happens when you try to install the application in a network environment, such as Windows NT or Windows 2000. On such a network environment you must ask your system administator to install the application for you as you have no rights to install the software on the network.
  Q: why do I see a message prompting me to "click and activate and use this control" when I roll my mouse over a Flash animation?
This happens because of the latest I.E. update. To solve it and learn more about this issue please read thru the instructions at the click and activate and use this control webpage.
  Which target frame should I use?

_self Loads the specified URL in the same window or frame containing the Flash movie. This is the default value, if none is specified.

_blank - Launches a new browser window and loads the specified URL into it, keeping the original window available.

_parent - Loads the specified URL into the parent frameset of the frame containing the Flash movie.

_top - Loads the URL into the outermost frameset of the current HTML document.

A specific frame name - You can also use your own unique frame name by selecting and highlighting any of the above and entering the desired frame name.

Note: If the specified frame or window doesn't exist, the URL will open in a new browser window.

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